W639 heater controls

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Oct 16, 2022
Isle of Man
2015 W639 Vito Dualiner

This afternoon I took out the aftermarket stereo in the W639 Vito to install a microphone in the dash.

All went fine until reassembly... managed to lose the black plastic vent direction control arm as it disconnected and fell (with a clatter) into the bottom of the van and below the floor lining. So... anyone know...

1. How difficult is it to lift the floor lining to find the part?
2. What's the official name/part number for that stupid bit of plastic that I've lost?
3. Can you get them separately from the heater module (eBay seems hit and miss if the module comes with them or not)?
4. What do they cost?

Thanks in advance
Floor is easy to lift, take the step panels off & panels that go up to the dash, bit of teasing & it should come out easily enough..
Don't think you can buy those arms separately if I'm honest, probably better finding a breaker..

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