W639 Sport x Brabus front bumper again!!

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Feb 5, 2017
Vito Brabus Sport.
Hi folks, it's been a while since previously damaged my 2012 Vito front bumper and after scouring deep muddy puddles for the broken bits, I managed to repair it. Not so this time, it has completely disappeared after another close encounter of the pot hole kind! So, after much searching and huffing and puffing I cannot buy a new or secondhand replacement BRABUS Vito front bumper. I have bought a standard one to fit while I take my time to repair the damaged one. Please please please can anyone point me in the right direction to buy the original black diamond checkered black insert panels that fit into the bumper. I'm thinking that I just dont have the "Savvy" to work my way through the endless sites that send me to false pages that are not even similar to what I am looking for. I cant even find a part number to try and order new ones. Any help would of course most gratefully received. TIA and I hope you guys all have a Great Christmas and a Brilliant New Year.
Mate I have exactly same issue you cannot get one for love nor money and it is the man part that differentiates it from other 120cdi versions mine has been repaired twice once before I got the van and when an old man reversed into it last year the insurance garage could not find one anywhere and the repair they did has already started cracking the paint. It's so annoying as it's the part that makes the van more valuable. Closest I have found is another damaged one what is the point in buying that. Mine is damaged where the clips join the wings too so can't ever get it to fit without a gap.

The van needs a few things doing to it too so may just take the hit and sell it been offered 3k. It needs a new rear main seal and a propshaft and 2 wheel bearings not the end of the world but it would be worth double in good order. Trying to get a garage to do some bits atm. It's a struggle because the brabus varient seems to have different bits on it.

Great van when it works.

If you go to sell yours you need the bumper on it hope you get it sorted. Mine is passable at a distance.
There is plenty of face-lift versions available but mine is 2010 pre face-lift and it is impossible to find one.

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