W639 Viano wiring schematic

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Feb 18, 2013
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I've tried searching the forum before asking but cannot seem to find what I'm looking for......

Does anyone have the wiring schematics for the power folding mirrors?

The reason I ask is the father in law has a 56 reg with power fold mirrors with led indicators but would like the to fold in and out on lock an unlock automatically like my W204.

I'm pretty OK with vehicle electrics and fitted a universal power fold device to my previous Honda car, however that car was somewhat simpler with no can bus etc. So to save me a job on identifying all the wires with a meter, if anyone could share which wires are fold an unfold left/right and if possible the locking pulse from the central locking that would be great.... otherwise a long Saturday coming with the multimeter .
Have a search through threads by Zenman63; he has done this very thing and advised others how to achieve it.
Hi, Yes it can do done on lock, you say it has factory folding mirrors fitted?
If it does and has the switch and all is in place then you need new door controllers with the 900 in the part number, then it needs coding on star to have convenance lock enabled.
They will then lock on fold
Yes it has factory fitted electric folding mirrors with the switch inside to fold them manually.

How easy is it to get to the door controller so i can check the part number?

If i have the right one i just need to see hiw much the dealer will charge to unlock this feature on Star.
The door card is easy to come off, 3 plastic plugs along the bottom and the door handle unclips from the bottom, inside that handle are 2 torx screws, than pop it off and up off the door.
They will not be the right ones fitted unless its had a new pair in the last couple of years.
They are over £130 each but some might just be avalable used.
Dealers need to update the data card and SCN code F65.
Cheers Zenman, have to keep my eyes peeled for a bargin.

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