Want to convert Vito van cargo bay lights to LED strips

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Nov 23, 2015
Hi guys / gals. New to this forum, so hi to everyone.

I have just bought a NEW vito 116 Bluetec van. I had my last Vito van from new since 2004. Loved it :). Ok, so in my last van I converted the rear cargo bay silly little light, to two strips of LEDs, simply by wiring them straight to the two wires that fed that light. Hey, it worked!

Tried this with the new van... Nothing. The 12v LED strips do not work! There are three wires to the light on my new van, but one just controls the light fade (I think). I disconnected this on the existing light and the light still worked correctly, but didn't fade on/off. So, used just, the remaining two wires for the LED strips I installed. Didn't work :-(

Any ideas? Any help greatly appreciated.

By the way, love the new van... Pretty much :)
do you have a multimeter? see what you have on the two wires you are using. Have you tried reversing the polarity to the way you connected originally, led's are polarity specific.

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+1 swap polarity round as leds are polarity conscious.


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