Wanted 18 AMG Monoblocks

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Jan 31, 2016
North West
W202 C43 AMG

Looking for a good set (no welds or buckles) of 18 inch staggered genuine AMG Monoblocks to fit to my C43 AMG at a decent price

Most seem to be going at around £400 on ebay ideally looking to pay less than this

18'' 5x112 8J ET31 front
18" 5x112 9J ET 35 rear

Willing to travel to collect

I had a look on ebay earlier today. I need one and they are all £200 upwards if refurbished.
There was a staggered set available with half decent tyres for around £730 but one of the rear wheels had been welded.
Hi Zet

Can you add some photos and how much do you want for them

First set is 300 euro, seconds is 450


If you want closer photos, just ask.

This from the S-class are in perfect condition.No cracks or dents


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The AMG II's look like replica wheels to me.
Hi Zet

Agree with Ringway, these look like replicas as there is no AMG logo imprint
I am looking for genuine AMG alloys only.
No they are not, just previous owner when painted them is remove amg logo...

nevermind, they are sold.

Im waiting other set
Those are 7x18 et 54

with tires 750 eurom without 500 euro + shipping


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These wheels sold for £331 (Original Listing - LINK) but have been relisted due to winning bidder failing to make contact with the seller. LINK.
Problem is these are very popular in the VeeDub world, hence the elevation in price.
Thanks guys

Looks like the link that the seller has taken them off again
My search continues...
Thanks guys

Looks like the link that the seller has taken them off again
My search continues...

The advert is live, Waisal.
£206.77 is the highest bid at the moment. LINK.

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