Wanted - Good SL60

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That ebay one looks lovely, but it also looks like its idling at 1500 rpm and showing zero oil pressure.
Coolant temperature is also on zero, so it could be a stone cold engine start, perhaps pic taken as it fired up - unusual but just about possible!

Well spotted though and worth investigating if you were looking.
Looking to buy a decent SL60 - condition and mileage more important than model year or spec. Please get in touch if you are thinking of selling. Thank you
Hi not sure if you’re still looking, there’s one up at the minute on collecting cars. Nearly 100k miles so not sure if that’s up your street.

Here is the link: https://collectingcars.com/for-sale/1998-mercedes-benz-r129-sl60-amg-3

I’ve also known, for a while, of a lovely 45k miles AZURITE blue example the SL shop had for a bit, just went to have a look now…

After a while of it being listed it’s actually reserved now (not sure if this is yourself) but the link is as follows: 1995 Mercedes Benz R129 SL60 AMG Azurite Blue (366) with Beige Leather (275) N764 HTW - The SLSHOP

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