Wanted: Mercedes 190e 2.5-16

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Jul 5, 2007
Following on from my intro post last week, I have decided to abandon the C36 option, and concentrate on finding a SORTED 190e.

Please - no basket cases or heavily modified cars - just straight and as-original-as-possible. Would prefer sub-100,000m. Open minded on colour and I'm even open-minded on the whole manual/auto thing (sacrilige!)

Please get in touch with info on the car and its history and please include your location.


Contact Will on this Forum or via the 190 one. He seems to have a good eye for these things
A belated thanks - have now been in touch and he's been super helpful. Once again the Internet earns its keep. :)

Now, if only I could persuade him to part with one of his 2.5-16s... ;)

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