WANTED - R129 Hardtop (Signal Red)

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Dec 22, 2010
Hi, I currently have a mis matching hardtop to my car, my hard top is a dark blue and my car signal red.
I would obviously like to match my roof with my car.

Anyone have one?

Have seen one on ebay and guy values his at £400 and is willing to do some sort of part ex (no prices discussed as yet) only issue is his headlining has dropped and my roof is in great nic.

So can anyone help with a red one?
Just get yours re sprayed £200 tops. Mine was black car, red roof.
I have had a quote for respray £300, he also advised to wait and get whole car resprayed at the same time, as colours would never truly match. Is this true? Would it make that much difference?

I'm going to get the car polished and see what that looks like and then maybe consider spraying roof. Unless a red one turns up in the meantime
You have the answer in your hands already. At thirty years old another roof won’t ever match the fading you’ve already got on the car.

Best respray your existing roof to match the car…..

Ideally after you’ve spent several hundred on getting a détailler to machine polish and refinish the external paintwork to something closer to its original colour.

At least a grand overall, but well worth it in the grander scale of things. It’ll resolve the colour mismatch AND make the R129’s exterior look fresh as a daisy.

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