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Mar 17, 2017
Mercedes S63 BiTurbo 2012. LEXUS LS400. JENSEN INTERCEPTOR Mk3 8.2

Just been quoted 2121.33 for two years by the dealer and 3066.40 by the company, theing being Warrantywise. Good deal or not?, considering that the Tier 1 is about 3000 from Mercedes for one year. S600 is the car
Hard to say without knowing age and mileage of the car together with intended use and anticipated mileage.
59 plate. 74000 on the clock. 3/4000 miles a year
RonFleet said:
I'd be tempted to bank the money and forget about a warranty.

DEFO this!!... 3k in your pocket will cover most relatively major issues bar engine transplant as long as you have it done at a Indy. Worst case scenario you have a breakdown and spend 2k on a major repair over 2 years. Best case scenario you have 3 grand in your pocket.
That's what i was beginning to lean to after the the D&G house insurance. Have put the money that i was pay them and have a enough to buy two new appliances.
If you have had a quote from Warrantywise already, expect to get regular emails for up to 12 months trying to persuade you to take out a warranty with them.

I was quoted over £1k and passed on it, put the cash away and haven't needed it yet. That was almost 4 years ago. Had I taken out a warranty I'd be over £5k down now.
Have you had a quote from Warranty Direct? They are much better than Warranty Wise in my experience.
Agree with RonFleet, pay the premiums into a bank account.
Have you had a quote from Warranty Direct? They are much better than Warranty Wise in my experience.

That can't be saying much, based on my experience. Maybe some other company though with similar name. First requirement, repair garage must be vat registered. Second requirement, maximum hourly rate of £20. Really :-o
I had a very good deal with Warranty Direct, after negotiating the premium down by approx £600. They even added no limit to labour cost, could be main dealer or indie garage. As it was I had a wheel bearing go and the main dealer sorted it all direct with WD, very easy.

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