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Aug 22, 2006
I have a CLK Sport (21.01.06), i have just aquired the vehicle and as the vehicle was still under warranty i thought about haveing the car checked over by merc?

Can i do this or only use the warranty if it goes wrong?

Basically i want to try and get any niggles if it has any done while the warranty is still there.

Any suggestions? Anyone else in the same boat?
I'm in exactly the same boat, I'm collecting an E280 Sport any day now with only 4 months warranty left.
Most dealers will happily to do an end of warranty check (end of Service Plus too) as it's likely to produce some work, and makes you more likely to go back for servicing and other repairs later, if you're pleased with the service.

Ask your dealer.
can someone please explain 'Service Plus' as I've no idea what it is.
Service Plus is no longer available I'm afraid. For a set monthly fee you are covered for all service work and replacement of any parts that fail due to "wear and tear".

It's been replaced by the much less comprehensive Service Friction.
If you bought the car used from Mercedes, they will give you 12 months under their approved scheme.

They will also either do the service or pay for it when due, if the car has 4000 mls or less to next service.

At least this is what my dealer told me and what it stated in MB homepage.

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