Water and a E220 CDI W210

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Stuart K

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Apr 9, 2008
E220 CDI Estate

I've got a 2002 high E220 CDI. Last weekend I had a warning come up on the dash to say check coolant level. I look at the level and it looked like it need a little top up which I did accordingly.

Now, my wife has phoned me to say she has used the car, and noticed that when she got home she has since noticed a puddle of warter from the car, however, temp was fine when she drove it, and no warning lights came on.

Should Ibe concerned? Had I slightly over filled it and its correcting its self (is that possible?)
It might be AC water which is normal.
I'm thinking its not.. the wife said its 'rusty' looking. I've not seen it myself as she has just phoned me at work.
Actually now I've seen it for myself, there is a small pool of coolant water. The water levels still look O.K and the engine heats up to a normal 85/90. I'm still confussed and concerned.... Any ideas a to what I should do?
Where was the puddle, front, one side, rear of engine bay.?

If you can't find it just keep a close eye on it and see. Maybe you just overfilled it.
Its hard to see where, however the left hand side of the tray at the bottom of the bay seems to be a little wetter.

If I have over filled, it would not be a lot, so is there some kind of release valve, or have I caused some kind of rupture some where???

Also, on my model, it doesn't seem too clear where the level should be, is there a marking some where?

Really appreciate your help
If it's overfull it will vent through the cap and down the tube, but that's the r/h side of the engine bay.
Have a look with a torch to see water drops.
Actually I mean the right hand side of the bay as you look at the engine... The opposite side to where the water top up tank is.Is that where the over flow would run? Please to here if I did over fill, there is no really damage.
does your car have headlight washers?

My E estate had a water leak, it looked like it was coming from the washer fluid reservoir, but it was in fact the cylinder (the bit that extends out to spray) for the headlight washer.
Yes it does, but I'm sure that the leaking water contains coolant....

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