water dripping from car

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Jan 15, 2008
1992 300ce
took my lad to snetterton today, when i arrived home i noticed water dripping from the centre of the car!, im assuming its to do with having the aircon on?, am i correct, is this a drain......only reason i ask is that i already have a very slight water issue, but this was clean water and not coolant
Its air con. To be sure try driving the car without a/c. If it drips then water leak is something else.
If it's just under the front bulkhead then it's AC condensate.
thanks.....i thought as much but with the other issue, i worried
dm........it was from the middle of the car
That's ok, the drains point backwards a bit and run down the side of the transmission tunnel.
Try driving the car without the a/c just to make sure.
Definitely a problem with the car. The chances of needing a/c on anywhere near Snetterton is zero!


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