Water dripping from rain sensor

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May 1, 2012
Hi all
When I bought my 320CDI I knew I had to have some rust and paint work done, not much but some. The worst was an area the size of a fist just above the windscreen in the middle. I got a new windscreen seal for the top and one of my friends got me a good deal for having the work done at a well established paint and body shop. The work got done and I hoped it would have cured the water coming in and dripping down from the rainsensor behind the rear view mirror etc. It hasn`t. On my way to work midday today it startet dripping again after it had been raining. Any suggestions how the water would have got in?

Many thanks
Probably through the windscreen seal, sit in the car and get someone to hose the screen down and try and work out where it's letting water through.

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