Water ingress

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Feb 15, 2012
Hi all
My 2011 W212 E220 CDI Avantgarde Saloon developed water ingress in the place where head liner is joined with A pillar. I would blame clogged sunroof drains but ....my car doesn't have Panoramic roof so I don't really know where water comes from I found an entry on mbworld.org however it doesn't really give me any directions in how to fix it ( below )
I bet it leaks at the junction between the A-pillar and the roof. It is built with only couple spots welds to help absorb frontal crashes. A joint compound is applied to seal this loose seam but given enough stress it cracks and shrinks!
The roof lateral discharge then pours straight inside
- strip A-pillar interior trim to see water coming in (you really want to minimize water damage by pouring as little water as necessary)
- Use a water hose around windshield sides then top horizontal then last on roof to test pillar seams. ie test spray the lower parts before the high ones'

Any of you members experienced similar issue on 'non panoramic roof car' or have advice how to fix it ?
I doubt there are any water drain tubes as it doesn't have sliding roof?
Any help would be greatly appreciated

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