Waterless wash!

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Sep 11, 2008
Newcastle upon the Tyne
2011 C250 Sport estate
I'd heard rumours about this stuff. So, as my company hack is due to go back and it's never been cleaned since I got it, not that bad really, it was only in May this year :p I bought some with regards to using it my new car. With some trepidation I set about using it on the Astra. Hell's teeth the results made it look better than new :eek: Almost don't want to give it back now . . Well thats a lie.

But I was just wondering if anyone else used it?

A pic follows as an example! You can see how grubby it was from the tailgate.

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It's OK if ya don't mind tiny scratches in the paint. (swirls)
No substitute for the 2 bucket method.
Thats what I thought would happen, especially seeing that it had attracted 5 months of grime. Excuse me for this. But I was so amazed, I got a halogen torch out, looked closely and there were much fewer swirls on than the unpolished areas.

Just think of this summers droughts and all this global warming making water scarce ;) :D

Lazy washing for me from now on :D
I'm very scepticle. How can these 'magic' cleaners suspened the dirt/grit on your cloth and not touch the paint surface, I suspect the chemical fills the scratches.

I'll stick with water.:eek:
To be honest, I don't blame you, I'm still a bit wary of using it on 'the good car'

But the results were really good . . Gobsmacked I was . . Even wor lass was suprised and it only took about 1/2 hour 40 mins to do. I think I might try it on the inside of the door or something first ;)
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Separated at birth? Oh yes I think so.....

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