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Nov 26, 2006
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One for the collective wisdom of the board...

the water level in our loo has suddenly dropped. Its flushing fine and some water remains but I'm a little concerned that this is a precursor to more serious problems..

As far as I can work out, we have our own branch to the manhole (Ground Floor Flat), I havn't tried to lift the manhole yet (next stop) but I'm suspecting some sort of venting issues. We seem to have a air admittance valve on a stub stack in our bathroom boxing...

Any thoughts?

I would think a vent issue also. A restriction is cauaing water to be syphoned out of the bowl.

Check the air admitance valve hasn't stuck closed. Possibly something has partially obstructed the branch to the valve. Facial wipes are prime culprits....
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Checked the manhole and there is standing water in the bottom (amongst other stuff) and our rainwater gulley appears to be blocked...

Think I might call in some help..

Ade :(
Loo has sorted itself out.. but still standing water in the manhole although it appears to be stable. We're at a christening this afternoon, so it'll have to wait till Monday..

Its a shared manhole, we've left a message with neighbours should it get messy.

Cheers for the replies.

A couple of buckets of water with Caustic Soda will do the trick, not down the toilet but directly into the drain.
Read the mixing instructions carefully.

Alternatively invest in some drain rods. They cost a lot less than a callout from a drain clearer, who will attempt to bump the price up as much as possible using an unnecessary jetter.
Until recently I lived in a Victorian pile. the Sewers on my land blocked but the local water company came and did them for free - something to do with the fact that the houses were older than 1927 and the sewers could be in a bad state due to their lack of maintenance over the decades. If your house is old it might be worth checking out with your local provider?

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