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Apr 4, 2008
Anyone got any tales to tell us about selling it to webuyanycar.com ?

Their valuation is low.
Without any knowledge, I'd say they are to be avoided like the plague unless you fancy being royally ripped off. Great place to unload dodgy cars too I imagine. (type 1 slander? :eek: )
If you're desperate to sell then great. If not, not so great.
I think the cheapest quote they give is £200 or thereabouts, before seeing the car, so in reality, they might offer less! If you px yours against one of theirs they will give you an extra £500 for yours.
a couple of people at work tried them. Initial offer over the phone was £5k (market rate) and then once they drove the car all the way to the showroom they offered them £1500 + lots of excuses about colour being unpopular, wrong engine, etc etc.

I think they rely a lot on inertia.
When I saw it advertised on TV a long time ago now I had a look to see what they would offer for Dads 05' Mondeo ST220, purchased for £12k over a year ago now, like £5000! People must be desparate if they have to go down that route.
The market is highly segmented and this is one specialist segment but I see some Esther Rantzen type thinking here. Innocent seller with valuable car gets offered ridiculous amount. Boring. On the other hand they have to do no work, do not have to wait for weeks and weeks to sell it and they get their money straight away.
A car has several valuations simultaneously.
Zero if no one has made an offer.
Maybe 200 as scrap metal
Maybe 1000 if you want immediate payment, today and no hassle
3000 if you are trading it for a Mercedes and they are not interested in your old car
5000 against an Opel
6500 if a Dealer is selling it.
I see cars, nice cars, put up on the board at work at crazy high prices and they are still holding on to them months later. Even when you cut the price in thise circumstances you cannot always sell as you have partially destroyed buyer perceptions.
So for them I guess We Buy Anything is not a bad choice if they really want to get rid of it.
And the most definite proof of being human: regardless what was paid for a car, the buyer and seller both know he could have done hundreds better.

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