What a waste of an E55 kompressor

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Jul 4, 2013
151495127263 eBay item no. It's in perfect order and being stripped for its engine and parts too build a race car. is it a good thing or a bad thing? it's a shame i think because if it was smashed up' it would've been a perfect idea but in mint condition i think the owners crazy ??


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" The car has a full service history with main dealers up until 2008,the current mileage is just under 76000.
I'm only interested in selling as a whole car really..(well almost)"
It's good to see that chassis and interior has FSH and MOT.

Almost means in this case:

without the engine and ancillaries
the gearbox,
the drivetrain,
the rear axle,
the calipers and brake discs,
exhaust and
small other parts.

I just wonder what are "small other parts"
It doesn't leave much of the car left does it and is what's left over is it worth nearly 5k? what's another engine and all them parts gonna cost to make the car complete again? When I've seen some e55 kompressor selling from 6800 upwards

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As a (boring) aside, mine has the same coloured seats. They always seem to look awful in pictures. In real life they are quite subtle. Didn't know they were Designo though.
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