What an Awesome colour

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May 7, 2007
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Would love this colour..


On this car, my lifetime favourite

What is that first car, klooks like a capri or something?

[edit] ahh Opel; Mantra

Agree about the paint, looks lovely.
Yes Opel GT beautiful car, lovely flowing lines. Was the poor man's Dino.
I agree - love the GT! I always thought of it as a kind of mini Corvette! :)
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If you painted your car that colour you would not be able to find your seats! :D
LOL. I think the colours would clash somewhat :eek::D
I love that Manta! When in Germany a few weeks back, I didn't see any Manta's at all. Seemingly they were tarred with a bad reputation after the film Manta Manta... Which I have never managed to see yet.. I did have a few in my late teens, great for teaching car control! I was "getting the erse oot" before it was called drifting...

I also remember driving and MOTing an Opel GT many years ago, and what I remember most was the headlamp control, looked like a lever out of a signal box!!
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Nice red Merc towards the end ;)
I really wanted an Opel Manta SR , they were really cool.....only a Capri 2.8i was better!

Manta 400 was my childhood dream car,whereas my mate was always a 2.8 guy.We argued for hours about this. We were 10. It still goes on today 25 years later!

Crapi's and Mantas were (are) like mods and rockers,Rangers or Celtic.... You were Ford or GM.

I was 18 when I got my first manta, 2.2 carlton engine,4 cibies,full roll cage,Recaro's and harnesses.... I met my (now) wife whe I owned it.. courting in it was rather uncomfortable!
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Crapi's and Mantas were (are) like mods and rockers,Rangers or Celtic.... You were Ford or GM.

Not quite ......

I was a Vauxhall Service manager and I had a Manta - which was converted to V8, but a had a load more V8 Capris :)

A mate of my sons is a Capri nut at 19 and currently has 2 of them. One is almost mint and is his long term 350 Ford V8 conversion, the other is an ongoing project that will eventually see it running megasquirt Efi.
He didn't even know I had a soft spot for Capris, let alone V8 transplants until a couple of old photos came out. We have spent the last few months discussing different options for both cars :)


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