What are my options for media upgrading

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Jan 3, 2016
E250 Cdi Coupe 2012
i have recently purchased a E250 Cdi coupe sport 2012 with what looks like the Audio 20 media option.

im a little let down that this does not give me the option to connect either a USB, iPod, telephone or SD card in order to play music. I would also like to add some sort of sat nav providing this does not come at a huge extra cost.

So what are my options? i am new to MB and the form, the bits i have read i am a little confused as to what would be the best solution for this problem. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Check in the arm rest to see if there is a usb or 3.5mm jack in there.
Check in the glove box for the same and also look in there for a Becker dock.

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