What ever happened to good ol' English?

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even now I have given up smoking I could not do that in one breath, I think that the effort in the advert reflects the effort in the upkeep of the vehicle
Kinda takes your breath away, the paragraph that is not the car. gasp gasp!
Judging by the condesation on the inside of the windscreen, the interior is going to be a moldy mess :(
yes......the text generation.......cool, hip and illiterate!
Thats good advertising, its going to sell quick... LOL
Couldn't be bothered reading it , too much effort trying to decipher the code ...

It does look like he's entered the advert via text message ( can you do that ? )

Apparently it has an alarm that will clock the car for you , could be useful for keeping the mileage down ;)
Has Berkshire moved to the Thames estuary.
Its ok chaps/chapesses. It makes perfect sense if you run it through the Babelfish Chav --> English translator.;) :p
It's worth the value of the wheels and that's about it.....
He was probably looking for the "pist on heads" website but couldn't spell it.

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