What Have You Done To Your Merc Today?

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Dec 28, 2007
Volvo V90 D5 AWD
A bit of fun/chance to share, and shamelessly plagiarised from the other side (currently running a c4000 posts).
If it's been done before, I couldn't find it.

Can it survive thread assassination on this side - who knows :dk:.

I'll begin:

Dropped it off for an A service/rear washer jet replacement.
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I polished the piano black strip on the front spoiler. Took half an hour but looks a lot better. First time I've done it in two years.
Walked past it, twice.

Had two rear tyres fitted.....The last set did just a tad over 2000 miles.
Had two rear tyres fitted.....The last set did just a tad over 2000 miles.

How far?!!! Lots of roundabouts or lots of fun?!!
Dropped it off for a full exterior enhancement detail, looking forward to Friday when I get it back :bannana:
Undid two torx screws on the panel below the glove box to examine how much space there is under there as I will be fitting the ipod interface at some point. Left the screws on the mat in the footwell and used my LED inspection lamp I bought myself for Xmas to peer under the glove box. Loads of wires and not that much space. Went to put the screws back - had lost one!!!

Looked everywhere, under the mat, all round in between the front seats, on the seat, in the glovebox, under the car, all round the garage, in my pockets, in my shoes, under my shoes, on my back.....nowhere to be found.

Looked out a posi screw from the toolbox and put that in the panel feeling annoyed....went into the kitchen to make a cup of tea with the LED lamp. Made myself a tea, and noticed the torx screw magnetised to the base of the inspection lamp!!

I think I ought to give up...
TJR said:
Marc Linekar at Krystal Kleen Detail near Oxford, he mainly uses Liquid elements products. Looking forward to the results :D
how much £££
£380, not used Marc before but he comes very highly recommended on detailing world forum and is only 15 mins from me
Did the school run this morning in it, dropped my girls off at school.

Then drove about 130 miles for a business meeting, then came home.

Filled the mahooooosive boot up with boxes and crates out of my garage and dropped them round to my Mum's garage (I'm moving house in 2 weeks!)

What an eclectic and wonderfully versatile car it is. School run, check. Fast motorway stomp in comfort. Looked the part in the car park whilst meeting up with customers for a business meeting, then wafted me home in the blink of an eye. Then, took a huge load with ease.

Why would anyone want anything else?! :)
Upgraded interior lighting to ice white bulbs. Better than the awful yellow ones. Changed fuel filter and air filter. Bought a brand new cps although this was on the weekend . Today I wiped bird **** off the windscreen lol
Fitted new indicator lens in mirror (w163) took for MOT and passed :bannana::bannana:

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