What influences your preference towards Mercedes (e.g. compared to Audi/BMW)?

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Aug 11, 2013
Mercedes A-Class 160 CDI
Hello everyone,

one thing is certain: different people have different preferences concerning cars. You all have made a decision in favour of the brand Mercedes.
I was intrigued by the question which factors influence peoples‘ preferences towards specific car brands and how brand images are developed over time.

I’m a postgraduate student in Strategic Marketing in London and am currently addressing this topic in the context of a coursework.

I would be very glad if you could support me and take part in my survey at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/PremiumCarMarketUK (it will take less than 5 minutes; self-evidently all data will be treated confidentially).

I would also love to hear/ discuss your opinions on the topic within this thread.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Hope your survey is successful, sorry I'm not in the mood to tackle it right now, but a couple of factors that don't appear to be covered by the Qs:

+ve advantage to Mercedes v Audi/BMW- substantially more heritage;

-ve advantage to Mercedes- popular images of Audi & BMW owners seem to have more negative connotations (ask Top Gear...).

But, since the questions didn't match my situation:

  • MB estate had a bigger load area than an A6 Avant and I got a better deal
  • I'd rather have typhoid than a BMW.
  • Wanted to return to a premium brand with decent quality and a V6 rather than driving a sqeaky plastic interior wtih a four pot oil burner
Survey looks too much like hard work, but....

For the first time in a decade, I havn't got a bmw on the drive.
I've got a Merc because of a cheap lease deal = Value for money for a decent brand
I've got Audi because I wanted a fast convertible and fancied a change from BMW
Neither drive as well as a decent BMW, which is what they will be replaced by.

But, since the questions didn't match my situation:

[*]I'd rather have typhoid than an Audi unless its an R8 V10


Done. Audi's are VW's in pretty frocks; a fashionable but boring proposition.

Nothing wrong with VW's btw. I just don't see the need to buy an Audi which is no better to drive then an equivalent VW yet commands a substantial premium.
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Done too.

It used to be mostly BMWs which were driven by arrogant p***ks, but now Audi are hot on their heels. Merecedes are getting there, too, with their recent marketing trends...

Though my reason for choosing a Mercedes over anything else is because of my job as a chauffeur/executive private hire driver.

Simply, customer's would prefer to be seen getting in and out of Mercedes regardless, hence the number of Mercedes used for the job especially in London. BMW 5-Series (7-series are slightly more popular), Audi A6 and A8s are rarely used, with Mercedes E- and S-Classes a very common sight, with many chauffeur firms buying these in bulk (though there are a few exceptions).
Done. Audi's are VW's in pretty frocks; a fashionable but boring proposition.

Nothing wrong with VW's btw. I just don't see the need to buy an Audi which is no better to drive then an equivalent VW yet commands a substantial premium.
I've just chopped in a VW Passat and the choice to replace was A6 or E Class. My previous A6 was massively better than the VW, in terms of build quality, ride quality, toys and everything else I value. Even the auto gearbox was better (Multitronic vs DSG).

I toyed with the idea of a Quattro, which is a superb car. MB have no UK competition for this format although 4WD is available in Germany. If I lived well out in the sticks it would have been a no brainer.

You didn't mention the one glaring weakness they have - the price list and options are a cunningly designed plan to gouge customers for more revenue. Who in their right mind sells a premium car without folding mirrors? They've only recently made DAB radio standard instead of it being a high priced extra. And so on. By the time I'd finished adding on little bits here and there the E Class was better value, despite the big price hike with the facelift model.
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My decision was simple (just like me): most of my time with a car is spent behind the wheel and I think Mercedes looks better from that position. BMW and Audi are dull and uninteresting by comparison.
My decision was made easy as i was looking at A4 cabrio's prior to buying the CLK,
The one i looked at on a 55 plate with supposedly 56k when the guy started it up it rattled like a 100,000 mile taxi! And the 3 series cabrio is not any good as a 4 seater
decision made quite easy after that!

Mercedes the prestige and because most bmw pilots are seen as arrogant selfish you know whats with no class or style! and audi is a poor mans merc.
Thank you all very much for your participation and comments! Really appreciated. Interesting to hear your opinions. They will help me a lot with my coursework. ;)
I'm beginning to think M-B has lost sight of why they are an iconic brand. They no longer seem over-engineered and, too me, are now over-styled. As exemplified by the 212 over the 211. Better car but less Mercedes-y imho. Style over substance.

BMWs have always had an image issue over here but their engineering, if not reliability, seems to help the brand.

Audi seem a bit less show-off-y than either, which for some (me) is appealing. Though i don't like front wheel drive in bigger cars.

Perhaps when you have written your paper you can come back to us with a view of:
a) Brand positioning (ie what the perceptions are of each brand against whatever criteria you decide are most important);
b) Brand equity (ie strength), a slightly pretentious way of describing how much of a premium / how much loyalty the brand commands.

One further consideration - what we think is a bit less important than what the biggest car market in the world, China thinks. (at least it was by volume from 2009 onwards)
Personally I think they all have their merits and some overlap:


BMW- Driving/Performance


All 3 Companies make some very good cars.
Will do the survey in a sec. Interesting question.

I can't lie... The brilliant finance deal was a factor but I fully agree with the comments above regarding negative BMW and Audi image. I think Mercedes are a bit more understated. With Audi I'm equally put off Audi by negative reviews as drivers cars (under steer, poor steering etc.). There's something comforting about being in an MB that you don't get from other cars.
We have owned our old beemer for 11 years since it was two years old and has only seen a garage come mot time since I've serviced it since then. Fantastic handling but the front wings are now seriously rotten and although the rear suspension has never been touched you would need a gas axe to dismantle it as it is mainly a blob of rust. Scottish winters + salt. The front subframe/suspension is fine as it eats through it's components annually. Engine/gearbox/propshaft/backaxle untouched apart from swirl flap removal + servicing.
Merc appears to use better steel although our e class is slightly more barge like for handling it does do corners surprisingly well.
VWs are great if you want value and comfort is secondary.
For me its nothing to do with Make it came down to the individual model, i just loved the shape of the CL55 and would of bought one if it was a audi or BMW.

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