What influences your preference towards Mercedes (e.g. compared to Audi/BMW)?

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I have shares in this company.

:D :D nice one

i chose the c32 merc as its quality and understated , and its a yobo in a suit :D:D
There are two Companies I think are missing from the comparison too although they don't make all similar models they do have some overlapping ones- Land Rover and Porsche, lets be honest the Panemera may be a bloody ugly thing but it competes against the M5,E63 etc likewise the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport compete against the ML,X5,GL and Q7.
I can't lie... The brilliant finance deal was a factor

I think within certain limits this is certainly a factor - and where people are coming off leases and contract hire then the actual timing of the available deals may have a disproportionate impact.

I think Mercedes are a bit more understated.
I disagree. I think the W204 started a phase where MB overstyled their cars. Culminating in the pre-facelift W212 and C218.

In part my current car was chosen because it is understated compared with a real CLS.

There's something comforting about being in an MB that you don't get from other cars.

Too true when they get it right.
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I'm beginning to think M-B has lost sight of why they are an iconic brand. They no longer seem over-engineered and, too me, are now over-styled.

I agree 100%.

I have mixed views on BM's however I can think of an alternative that I would rather have for every offering in the Audi range.
I have old mercedes because of the engineering, classic simple styling and reliabilty. I've had new but they never did anything for me.
Bmw its the way they drive. The precise turn in and feel etc. The new ones again I'm not a huge fan as they seem very plasticy and tacky to look at.
Audi it seems have imroved over the years, a half decent comprmise and they hold the money reasonably, its what the wife wanted I don't really drive it. But its not bad at all. They seem to have turned there image around for the better.

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