What is the Mercedes equivalent to BMW ISTA?

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Dec 18, 2023
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I have an E92 M3 and all the software and tooling that I need to not only service, but also flash all the components such as the ECU and DCT. This includes, ISTA+, ISTA+, WinKFP, NCSExpert etc.

I do all the coding/flashing with a Win10 Dell XPS and a BimmerGeeks OBD cable.

Recently purchased a 2014 W212 E220d coupe and am trying to find out what would be the equivalent of these.

So far I have found out about Xentry but I cant tell if this is something I can just download and install or if it requires specific hardware too.

I guess what I am asking for is, what is the cheapest way I can match my BMW tooling? Ideally I would like to use my existing laptop but I understand if I need a Mercedes specific cable. I assume K/D-CAN is BMW specific.

The first things I want to be able to do is reset the service message and find out why the ECO mode is not working. Light is green on the button but the ECO symbol on the odometer is yellow. Beyond that though, I just want to have the ability to do more.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Can't help with coding although from what I have read here, I think you'll find a Merc won't play nearly as nicely as a Beemer.
However, the service indicator can be reset without any additional kit and the Eco stop/start operation depends on a number of parameters being met including engine temp, electrical load and the state if charge on the battery.
Have a wander through the search facility for more info and let us know how you get on; there's a wealth of knowledge on here.

It's not possible to code MB cars DIY.

The coding is done via a diagnostic computer called STAR. MB do not sell it to private individuals. You can buy a clone (using copied hardware and pirated software), and change some of the factory settings for the car, but even so there's only that much you can do with a clone STAR because SCN coding requires a live online connection to MB and an annual subscription that only garages can purchase. For example, most retrofits will require proper SCN coding which can't be done with a clone.

You can buy either iCarsoft MB V3 or Carly for Mercedes for DIY diagnostic, and this is highly recommended, but it won't do coding.

Independent specialists who have MB STAR can do the coding for you for a fee.

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