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Dec 28, 2007
Volvo V90 D5 AWD
Do you access?


MBOF - regularly
LandlordZone - occasionally
WhatHiFi Sound and Vision - occasionally
MG Rover (for my Dad) - rarely

and this:
News and Gossip

just to observe how degraded others can be ;)

How about you?
This one, naturally.

I'm a moderator on photography-on-the.net
I'm a moderator on forzamotorsport.net (the official game forum)
I'm involved with the community forum on the Macmillan cancer website where I was supported a great deal with my wife's cancer and now I pass my support on to others.
Only on mercedes ones
Landlordzone (Commercial Section - but not often)
Look at PPrune, but don't post!
Just this one
Do it yourself dentristry.
Grave diggers Monthly
The Rack (basic maintainance)
Sexual Deviants Register.
Dogging in Essex.
Camel Drivers Weekly (Advanced)

There are a few others,however,modesty prevents me from including them.
I go on "Hard Off", the erectile dysfunction forum.

Every Sunday at 3.30 they have "Hardeners Question Time".
Knees Up Mother Brown (by far the best West Ham forum)
Talk Photography
The Fender Forum
Mercedes Benz Club. Posts 0.
Meredes Benz Owners forum. Posts 55.
MB Club. Posts 3522.

The Mercedes Club and Owners forums just aren't as good as MB Club, so are seldom visited.

It's all down to the members here. I have a lot of friends on MB Club, a lot whom I've met and some that I haven't met, but I still think of them as friends.
It doesn't take that long to build up a picture of someone. ;)
Stargazers Lounge (Read but don't really post)
190 Forum (Read but don't really post)

That's about it really! I used to be on loads of different ones, but lost interest in most.

I used to be on the ephotozine forums, but that was only a technicality seeing as I worked there and built them lol.
This one. Regularly
mercedes190.co.uk. Regularly
B3TA. Regularly
Corolla owners forum, somtimes, its a bit dull
This one
MB Owners ( occasionally )

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