what spark plugs on 320clk w reg and where from and how much?

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Jul 3, 2012
320 clk
need to chnge my spark plugs immediatly to get to the bottom of my misfire,

pls advise best place to buy? of course cost within reason. thanks.
My advise would be to get it looked at by a good indy .I replaced all mine two years ago was about £70 if i remember correctly. I also changed all my leads (x12) about £80 in an attempt to cure my misfire (same model as yours ) turned out to be a faulty injector which cost £90 found by my indy using star. could have saved myself a few quid by taking it there first.
thanks for the replies guys.
olly you ever gonna be areound hayes with the star?
Nope. My workshop is not that far from you.
i know this is sily but its about an hour atleast. dont have that time unfortuantly unless local.
yes and very good point you made there. shame i cant pm you. will give you a call later this week.

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