what to do with V5 when car is written off

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Jan 6, 2007
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My GF's car has been written off in an accident she was insured with RAC insurance and the car has gone to C0-Part I have cancelled the car tax stating vehicle written off / transferred / sold to insurance company but what do i now do with the yellow slip part of the V5C/3 she has signed it how do i get the Insurer / dismantler to sign as the insurer / dismantler ? is there another way of doing it online so i dont have to go and get one of whoever to sign this art of the V5 or can i send it in unsigned or scribble a signature on it ???
My insurer (Aviva) 'bought' the written off car off me, sold to Copart.
The insurance company should update the DVLA record electronically for the vehicle and you should receive a confirmation slip from DVLA through the post to confirm that you are no longer responsible for the vehicle. It's therefore not necessary to fill and return the yellow slip from the V5C. When my motorcycle was written off a couple of years ago the DVLA confirmation dropped through my letterbox less than two weeks after I'd accepted the insurance company's offer.

If you want reassurance, in the first instance I would suggest phoning the insurance company and asking them to confirm that they have updated the DVLA record. If you haven't received the confirmation slip from DVLA within (say) a month, phone DVLA and ask for advice.
I’ve had this situation twice and as long as I’ve notified dvla it’s been sold to an insurer/ dismantler and had an acknowledgment I’ve been happy

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