What tyre to replace Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3 ?

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Ok. I fitted the tyres today and did few miles on a motorway.

I have mixed feelings tbh.. it brakes definitely much better than the G3DS (dry road). But I am not too sure about the noise. I might be a bit noisier than the original tyres.

I only fitted 2 though. I shall test once again after I get all 4.
Put all 4 now. the ride on 100+ mph impoved a lot... I thought I had some suspension problem but now it feels pretty much in the line (with what you'd expect from e-class suspension).
I had Pirelli P6000s on my C320, they were horrid things, low grip and noisy, never liked Pirelli but the car came with them. I too was hunting for quiet grippy tires, looked at a few then opted for some uniroyal Rainsport 3, they are fantastic. Initially I was offered Hankook Evo V12 as the Uniroyals were not available next day, but reviews showed them to be quite varied and noisy when worn, so I waited for the Rainsports.

The noise has gone down considerably and my confidence in the back end up, so much so I am thinking of getting another set for the front to replace the part worn P6000s.
I really am staggered that American tires could be better than the european offerings and I would definitely buy again.

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