What's the best thing about your Merc?

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As old and dated as it is ... it still has 'presence'. I have no intention of changing it and love everything about it. (apart from the 'yellow' side lights):rolleyes:
Vito: Its carrying capacity. It literally huge inside. Its economical and fast for a van
S Class: Its very comfortable, looks great and can do two jobs for me.
C43: It has a V8
C240: A great budget loan car. Costs pennies to run
C270: As above
Viano: Carries 7 people. Very reliable. Good for the chauffeur work.
E220: Incredibly economical and does not go wrong. Also ideal for the chauffeur work.
E55: Budget V8 that will not die.
CLK 350: Roof down motoring at a decent pace.
SL320: Everyday classic motoring.

I suspect you win the prize for the largest Merc fleet on here! [emoji106]

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I was in Lincoln last Thursday to pick the wife up, as I turned in to the car park 2 guy's stood mesmerized at my , CLS 250, 2013 car, it made me smile, I love the design, the interior, the way it handles......fantastic
The sheer engineering of the e55 in my book. The ability to just chill with that silky smooth tamed v8 and see 24mpg on the gauge. Then some upstart in a 911 thinks he's going get in your boot, then find's he's lost sight of you. For me to look down and see silly figures. Oh yes I mean 13mpg lol
Knowing that my grandchildren are in one of the safest cars I could afford.
So far, the fact that I have not yet even seen my ML320 in the flesh, (bought privately over the phone via a friend) and yet it is now in at PCS undergoing some pre-delivery R&R by the good guys there. :)

birds eye 3D overhead camera...
pano sunroof...
ride and tidy handling...
red leather trim...
Burmester sound...
ambient lighting...
hands free boot opening...
intelligent LED...
comfortable electric seats
the quiet and refined way it rides, and it's on sports suspension...
interior design...
the illuminated kickplates...
Distronic cruise...
the stitching on the dashboard
but the way it combines everything into a coherent whole package
...oh and Carl Benz's signature on the windscreen is a nice touch

Sound too much like a MB fan boy who likes the toys:)

COMAND sat nav usability and poor use of screen
Brakes that groan when braking to a halt gently
Poor fuel economy for 7 gear, stop start, super lean burn, 'small capacity' engine and 'light weight' aluminum fortified bodyshell
LED dipped lights not that bright / poorer dipped coverage compared to other xenon/LED cars (Infinity/Jag)
Front and rear view cameras are mounted in a way that you can't actually use them to visually park accurately and see bumper to bumper, and have to depend on the park sensors.

Minor dislikes:
No volume indication
No tap on touch pad (mechanical click only)
Mercedes Me doesn't have oil level indication
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2006 W203... rock solid built quality, reliability. Very little went wrong with it in so far. It's 10 years old now, still no rattles. No rust either. But then again maybe I have been extremely lucky.... :D
My 50 minute commute time each way feels like only 10 minutes, and I never see another CLK on same journey. C-series are as common as Astra's though.
My 50 minute commute time each way feels like only 10 minutes, and I never see another CLK on same journey. C-series are as common as Astra's though.

Commuting to the diplomatic corps perhaps?
Probably the engine really. M156 is just fantastic!
The ability to watch a bit of Micky at the local car wash :)


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The seats. The most comfortable of any car I've ever driven, coupled with the fact that the CLS is such a huge beast, makes it feel like you are sat in the Captain's chair.
Mostly the sound on start up, then full chat with the top downhttp://i713.photobucket.com/albums/ww135/DavidWiltshire/8150a2a4-6701-4e4c-9350-ffb08966019e.jpg
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The magical disappearing roof.............You'll like this but not a lot :D
the best thing :)


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