Wheel bearings?

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Aug 28, 2007
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Good morning all wondering if anyone can help. I have a noise coming from the front offside wheel at very slow speed (parking speed) when i turn the wheel, something like a low rumbling noise. I alsolive in a area with the most lethal speed humps, they are actually smoothed off bricks raised off the road level by about an inch. when i go over these i get a loud knocking noise out of the front.

I put the hardtop on yesterday for winter on my R129 and when cornering at decent speed, on a tight bend i get a single clunk from under the car, its not the seats its more like a metal bar banging against another one and loud enough to be noticeable.

I took the car to my local specialist who checked the suspension and said it was fine, nothing wrong there. I had previously has the suspension bushes replaced which initially cured the clonking noise.

Could the problem now be wheel bearings?
It could be but the clonk sounds more like a bottom ball joint or ARB link.
Thanks for the replies.

I thought it was suspension but my merc specialist insists suspension is ok. Here's something though been driving the car in the wet today and the noises have gone!!!!????:confused:.
A spring may move and re-seat itself - then move out again - maybe it is a break right at the end difficult to see? How closely did they look at it?
I'm assuming they took a good look at it, they have a very good reputation and have been around for years, so unlike most things car related, i have some trust in them, though may get them to look again while i'm in the car.

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