Wheel identification - 2017 CLS

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Jun 17, 2019
West Sussex
2017 CLS350D Premium Plus Shooting Brake, 2012 C220D Estate
Have just purchased above which has some wheel's that are similar to the 19" turbine wheels common to CLS's, but on viewing the car noticed they are subtly different. I know they're genuine and have the standard CLS 255/35/19 and 285/30/19 tyres as the regular turbines. Does anyone know what they are?
They look like OEM alloys from a W219 CLS but have been finished in a different colour.
Remove one and check the Part# on the inside face. See if it corresponds to the wheel in the link below.
If there is no Part number, the wheel may be a copy.
I don’t think they are those ones - Mine have a very definite flick where the spoke meets the rim and don’t have the ‘AMG’ flange opposite the tyre valve. I’ll remove as noted to get part numbers.
The plot thickens.... After way too much Googling (including numerous diversions to look at wheels I want but definitely don't need :rolleyes:), they are GMP Italia Stellar's finished in Anthracite Diamond.

They're very similar to the OEM wheels, the difference is very subtle. Will pop up some better pic's soon.

I quite like them. OEM AMG wheels look with an extra bit of a classier look. Don't mind them at all

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