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    Mar 20, 2014
    Land Rover Discovery 3.9 V8I
    So been to see a few C and E class'. I really like the C class when it comes to handling but the E class is a much more pleasurable car to drive for both comfort as I'm a big fecker and for ease, Located a really tidy E300 near by but she will need a couple of cosmetic alterations. It has the bumper that makes it look wrong and the 16" AMG's are a bit small in the massive arches. Well while I have been oogling wheels I have come across this stuff
    Liquid Wrap Fluorescent orange Coating Aerosol 400ml x4 Plasti dip wheel kit | eBay

    Look's interesting to me. Maybe a good way to protect my 16" winter wheels from the elements. Or if it really does look smart I may even buy different colours to change my 18's around with. If it does what it say's it does why is it so simple cheap and unheard of? Or have I just spent too long in beat up old Land Rovers and missed such a thing?

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