Wheel Refurbishment Co - First Aid Wheels. Absolutely Brilliant!

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Sep 20, 2014
Just as the title said - I couldn't be happier with the whole experience.

I have used three different wheel refurb companies in the past (one less than two miles from me), and these chaps are by far the best, in my opinion.

I went for a very keenly priced (particularly for an 18" AMG wheels!), like-for-like swap option - it was listed on eBay but in plain black colour, so I contacted them to enquire if they can do a different colour (light anthracite), high gloss, and extra flakes for a more 'metallic' appearance. Yes, yes, and yes - all for the same price too.

A remarkably helpful chap, named Paul, handled all our communications via a messaging app - can't be any more convenient really.

Arrived at their place (a tiny mews in West Hampstead, London) way too early (more than an hour earlier, in fact - there was no traffic), but was told: "not to worry, we'll deal with you right away", and so they did.

I was really impressed with how they handled wheels removal, tyres marked carefully, wheels nuts placed in a container, etc, etc. Little things, but show attention to details and respect for customer's property.

My wheels were checked for cracks (none) and serious damage (none again), and being buckled - all in my presence, with brief explanation and, again with great respect to my property. All four wheels were buckled, one more than others, as can be clearly seen by a naked eye, and on display too.

There's a small surcharge for buckled wheels, which I though was reasonable, and clearly stated before proceeding any further.

The new wheels are absolutely brilliant, in exactly the shade of anthracite I wanted, powder coated, high gloss - really, really shiny.

The whole process took less than an hour, I stayed a bit longer to fit new centre caps, stem covers and valve dust caps. Wheels were balanced with my old stem covers and valve caps, so exact same weight. Weights are colour matched (standard, darker anthracite) and powder coated too - so won't rust. Perfect.

One last thing - I asked for a bit of touch-up paint, when we were discussing the order via WhatsApp, and in all the excitement, completely forgot about it whilst on site ... Texted Paul in the evening, asking if there's any chance to still get it (and avoid 130 mile trip) - he's sending me some paint over. What a fantastic customer service!

Ever since I bought this car in April last year, I had this unpleasant, slight vibration at speeds over 85-90 mph (on private roads, naturally), well - it's now gone, and the ride is as smooth as at 30-40-50 mph ...

Thanks, First Aid Wheels! :thumb:
Hi,how much did they charge per wheel, if you dont mind me asking and any link to their ebay listing.
Their standard prices are on the website (link above).

eBay listing was £288 for four black 18" AMG style-III wheels: R390B | eBay - like I said, they did them in a high gloss light anthracite for me, for the same price.

Buckled wheel surcharge is £10+VAT
Nearly two years on, and apart from a couple of marks and a tiny amount of kerbing (less that 2", but :(), they still look good, I think:




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