Wheel Refurbs?

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Sep 10, 2007
S203 C200K Avantgarde SE
Hello All,

Where's the best place to get ur wheels refubished?

I've used a well advertised local company in Manchester on my previous E320 .. but to be honest they looked cleaner but not great :(

I'm after that sparkle you get from new rims.... is this too much to ask?

I'm based in the northwest but I'd post them anywhere for a decent job..

Any help?????
I'll be watching this thread aswell, I'm in Blackpool but will have a go doing it myself, depends on their price:cool:
Not that I've used any yet, but here prices seem to be around £100 for 4.

Thats very cheap!!!! I paid £45 each which is more the going rate I understand.

If you PM Ian B Walker and ask who he uses. He got mine done for me and a might fine job was done. The guy is based in the NW - Preston way.
I use the person who does ALL the Mb dealerships in the area. He charges £50 per wheel but to be honest his results are spectacular. Pm or call me for details.

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