Wheels and tyres to suit a `96 Audi A4 (112 PCD)

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Nov 16, 2005
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Does anybody have anything like this hanging around? 112 PCD is the same as merc, steel or alloy doesnt matter, girlies wheels leak so much as they are knackered cheap alloys that were on the car when we brought it,

I've got a set of W124 steelies and a set of 17" Brabus Monoblock IV's in storage, take your pick.
Do the steelies have tyres? what size are they? where abouts are you?
They do, although I have no idea of their condition. IIRC they did have a good level of tread, but have been in storage for quite some time and so may require renewal.

For some reason Michelin Pilots in 195/65R15 rings a bell.

Based near J13 M4.

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