Wheels-inmotion - Geometry/ Alignment calibration

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May 18, 2008
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wheels-inmotion (Geometry/ Alignment calibration)

Due to the nature of our industry it's hard to offer a price up front since we don't know whats wrong until the chassis is measured, so to prove the discount, here is our current prices for the MBClub UK

Geometric image £30+ vat
Geometric image plus correction of front toe £40+ vat
Geometric image plus correction of front/ rear toe £60+ vat
Geometric image plus correction of front/ rear toe/ rear camber £95+ vat
Geometric image plus correction of all preinstalled OEM adjusters £115+ vat

After year 2000 the front camber/ castor adjusters are not preinstalled, we currently install the MB adjusters for £30+ vat each and worst case there are four of them, although i have never had to fit four.


Wheels in Motion offers industry leading expertise in wheel alignment and steering geometry.
Equipment is one thing and we do have the best, but technical expertise and our experience is what makes us the industry leaders in wheel alignment, steering geometry and chassis dynamics.

No expense has been spared in the kitting out of the state of the art facility where The Boss Touchless Tyre Machine, the Hunter Hawkeye 811 Pro Wheel Aligner and the Uniflate Nitrogen Tyre Inflation System, rub shoulders with other equally impressive pieces of plant and equipment.

Wheels in Motion offer car wheel alignment and geometry services at our state of the art workshop facility in Chesham Buckinghamshire. We service all types of car from high performance and super cars to prestige models and family cars. Working in partnership with Blackboots, we offer new car tyre brands at genuine value for money prices. Compare our prices to the fast fit operators and then come and experience the Wheels in Motion difference.

We also specialise in Mercedes Pulling Problems

Find out more about us and our services Here


Contact us: 01494 797825
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