Wheels & Tyres wanted for my W203

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Jul 22, 2006
Highworth, Wiltshire
Frod Mundano TDCi, Kawasaki z650
Want to get my wheels off and refurbished but can't leave my car on axle stands!

Has anyone got any spare wheels & tyres that I can borrow (am sure we can come to a small monetary/alcoholic arrangement!!!) so that I can keep the car parked on my tight-for-space driveway. It is highly unlikely that I will be using the car whilst it is in this state so the condition of the wheels/tyres is immaterial.

Am in Swindon but can collect/drop-off from the following areas - Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Surrey, W London & possibly areas near to these.

Please PM if you can help


i got some 235/45 17's off my old 320cdi 210. any good? im on the M25/M1 cross over
Might do the trick!

Is this wheels & tyres??

Sale or 'loan'?

Can you send me a pic?
What type of wheels does your car currently have?

Only reason I ask is that quite a few wheel refurbishers offer an exchange service. Could be an easier solution, drive in, swap tyres & wheels, drive out...

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