When did VIN first appear under windshield ? Is it now mandatory ?


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Jun 24, 2008
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Being pedantic, one could argue that the link I posted points to guidelines for MOT testers, but it is not the VIN legislation itself, and it's technically possible for something to be a legal requirement to have on the car for it to be roadworthy, but not a legal requirement in order to pass an MOT test.

E.g., a car with badly-corroded brake lines hidden under a plastic cover will be unroadworthy, but it will still pass an MOT inspection because there's no obligation on the tester to inspect hidden parts.

So in short, a car without a valid MOT is unroadworthy by definition, but a car that did pass its MOT, isn't necessarily roadworthy, it that makes sense (because not all aspects of roadworthiness are being inspected in an MOT).

That said, I think this is unlikely to be the case here.

So I would say that the lack of specific reference for VIN in the windscreen in the VIN-related legislation, is probably the legal 'proof' that it isn't mandatory, i.e. it is better 'proof' than the fact that the car will pass an MOT inspection without it.

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