where have you logged on from..??

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May 10, 2007
Colchester, Essex
CLK 350 Cabriolet
How sad am I.. On day 13 of my hols in Florida, I find myself logging on to mbclub.co.uk to see whats happening... So...

Where have you logged on from..??
My answer would be the same as my answer to the "where have you been thread". ;-)
Maison Blanche at Le Mans but the connection was terrible so I gave up.
Hull to Zebbrugge ferry
All my posts from Sunday night to yesterday were made from Geneva where my company has an office.

I've also checked MB Club from Kiev, Philadelphia, Hong Kong, and most unusually, Kings Lynn.

I even checked it once on holiday in Antigua. :eek:

However, the lengths one goes to ensure the forum is checked perhaps reveals true forum enthusiasm/unhealthy addiction.

So, checking MB Club on my Blackberry whilst stationary in a traffic jam on the M4 (engine off, door open) is my most strange place.
Dubai earlier on this year when I was working over there for a couple of weeks and had my laptop with me. Also Estonia when I was on holiday last month - there is free wifi almost everywhere in Tallinn and my N95 has a usable web browser and wifi capability - no roaming data charges :rock:.


Baghdad, Mosul, Fallujah, Rammadi, Al Kut, Sammara, Baquba.... and other assorted places
England, France, Italy, Gambia, Thailand, and thats about it...

the other way you can look at it is, :
work, home, vacation
ive logged on from england before ...!

Yes and using my Broadband too!!! :D :D You BB hijacker you :D

But mainly various places in the UK and France for me. Bit like the tele - quite like not having it around - until someone teases me sooooooooo much that I have to try and get a fix - Gollom!
Day before yesterday, from my E65, whilst waiting for my food at the Ace Cafe.

Otherwise: florida on holiday, as everywher has free wireless, France, Home, the Office, the car ( see above), long list.....
I think i logged on too on the A9 doing about 90. I was in the back seat before people think id do that while driving.

Can anybody beat me by logging on moving faster?
Doha, Qatar in transit to Shanghai. Hong Kong en route to Delhi.
Glasgow, London, Newcastle, Luton, Stansted, Prestwick, Amsterdam, Budapest, Prague, Dallas, Austin, Guadalajara, Helsinki, Parma, but mostly from work.
Death Valley..!

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