Where is everyone from?

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Born in Edinburgh but now live in...

Made world famous by The Proclaimers and still here despite them thinking it's "no more".
Born Edinburgh, 'mostly' dragged up Linlithgow, various bits of Scotland and the Wirral (Bromborough) past 17 years, very happily married to a local lass here 9 years and 3 kids later- settled never moving again....
Born in Huddersfield, grew up in Bolton, lived in Norwich for 8 years now

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Born in Falkirk , family moved to Bo'ness when I was about five , grew up there , worked in Edinburgh over 20 years ; moved to sunny Ayrshire close on 20 years ago when I met her ladyship , now settled here and no plans to move .
I like EK gets a bad rap for some reason. Dennistoun here. Not far from Duke street

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EK gets bad rep for too many roundabouts - wearing out nsf tyres :)

My GF had a flat in Shettleston before we met .
Harrogate, now living in Leeds
Born and grew up in Namibia , left when I was 18, studied and lived in Hamburg for 5 1/2 years, came to the UK , met a girl from Derbyshire and settled in London (temporarily for he last 16 years) until kid is through school, then planing to move to the coast , probably Cornwall (-:
Born in Greenwich London, moved to Ashford, Kent in 83 and apart from a stint in Canterbury and whitstable been here since
Born in Forest Gate East London, moved out at 18, rather live in a tent than ever go back.

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