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May 15, 2003
I`ve searched but cannot find it:the thread which detailed a member claiming on a third parties insurance to get their own car repaired in a non-fault accident even though the cost of the repair was near-to the value of the vehicle and was close to being written-off if handled by his own insurance company.

The argument revovled around the fact that the non-fault claimant was entitled to have his own car repaired to the same pre-accident condition.
I don't know which specific thread you are referring to, but I have made the point, repeatedly, for those prepared to listen, that in a non-fault situation you are entitled to be put back into the position you were in prior to the incident. This is regardless of cost, in other words, and to be very clear, if the market value of your car is £3000 and the repairs £3500, you can insist that the third party Ins Co cough up.

Here endeth yet another lesson:D :D
This one?

Although I believe what Ian says to be true, I remember nit-picking at time.

Edit: Guido's quicker on the draw tonight.
He must have his finger of the trigger of his six shooter..
Yep,thats the one.


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