Which code reader for engine and gearbox?

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Sep 25, 2022
Apologies if there is a thread somewhere already but would like to get up to date info and experiences as things change fast with software.

I have 2014 W639 V6 CDI Viano (OM642 engine and the ‘5G’ transmission which is known as a NAG1).

I’d like to invest in a code reader that can do engine and gearbox codes.

Why the gearbox?
Well I’ve had the gearbox rebuilt and torque converter replaced twice (serving time under warranty by the rebuilder).
They have found no issue with the TC but replaced it anyway as they done on exchange. The TC solenoid was also replaced.

They deal with a lot of sprinters for tour companies with the issue (a TC judder when fully loaded and going up kings climbs etc).

They said if it’s not mechanical then the next things they found cause the propel is the gearbox ECU not engaging the TC properly. Solution is to replace the ECU-fine know how much but imagine interest not cheap for a new genuine part..
Clearing the gearbox adaptations did see that problem go away for 1,500 miles the first time (before they put the second TC in).
So far our been fine after the second TC but I’ve not done a long trip fully loaded yet…

So I’d like to be prepared if it reappears and hoping there is a code reader tool that can let reset gearbox adaptations as well as read engine and other codes?
It will be one of the newer icarsoft models which should tick some of those boxes . I doubt anything but MB Star can do gearbox adaptions
Thanks for this .
Wish I’d found it before the second rebuild.
One of the issues I had (not yet back finger crossed) was the ‘coast’ shudder - shudder when slowing down much like a manual car when you dip the clutch too late.
Sounds just like what this fox deals with.
If it come back I’ll know what to do.
I did ask the gearbox rebuilder about upgraded /improved parts but they don’t get involved.
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Totally agree with gearbox fluid changes.
The w639 has the gearbox oil as a service item and mine was done at Mercedes at 60k miles already but still developed an issue with the TC.

The more I look into the more I think it was an issue with not beefing up the TC / TC software to deal with extra load capacity of the Vito/Sprinter.

Have done a lot of digging (but still none the wiser) but will put up a new thread with the various bits of info I found when researching it he gearbox/TC
Has anyone used scanners TOPDON AD800BT or ARTIDIAG Pro? I have mercedes GLK250(x204) diesel and looking for scanner able to diagnose problems, start DPF regen, read sensors values etc. Thanks for help.
I have got an elderly OBD scanner, unsure if it will do DPF regen but you can have it cheap, if it’s any use. Its an Aurelius MaxiDiag Elite MD 702.

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