Which locking wheel nuts

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Jan 16, 2007
Hi, I've just bought some genuine merc alloys for my 203 C220 CDI estate and I'm obviously looking to keep them. Which locking nuts do you recommend?

Not sure what the name of the wheel style is but I'm really chuffed with them!
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i too just bought wheels and want 2 sets of locking nuts

on the back are normal lenght and the front are longer lenght

i have 1 set now but had no idea what to get or what they would be called or size or make

mcguard are said to be good
the latest MB ones are actually very good. they have an outer collar which turns independently of the bolt.
even for my old heap ?

what sort of price and do they do longer ones ?
Yup got mine from the local M-B dealership - £46 for the set.

Alternatively alloy wheels direct (forum member Murray Systems) will sort you out.
I got a set of mcgards for £20 for my 8 hole alloys from a local alloy wheel shop. The bloke looked out to see what car I was driving,rummaged on the shelves thru hundreds of packs of studs and grabbed a pack and said these will fit it and he was right first time

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