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Stan the Man

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Nov 8, 2005
W205 C250d Sport Premium + Auto
I am about to replace my worn OE tyres (Continental Premium Contact 2, 205 55 R16).
Do I stick with Conti's or is there a better alternative within the Conti price range.
All suggestions gratefully received.
I don't know about the premium contact but I have used the sport contact which seem fine. I replaced the back set with Michelin premacy (?) last time but they are no better so it's back to Conti for me next time.

There are tyre tests in the car mags like autocar or autoexpress that you could probably refer to online.
A completely different car but...

We had Contis our ML when new, but I swapped to Dunlops when worn as they were about 40% cheaper. Since swapped back to Contis though as they last forever in comparison, with equally good comfort and handling.

I personally would consider any premium brand - and go for the best value (not necessarily the cheapest). Just bought my Dad some Michelin Exaltos as they were pricey but the best value based on the prices I got.
I would go the michelin route as well..best all rounder..
Michelin Pilot Primacy, excellent all rounders. Impressive grip, wet or dry. Quiet and wear well (20-25k)
the conti sport's seem good all rounders

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