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Discussion in 'Members Gallery' started by merc12, Oct 1, 2018.

  1. merc12

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    Sep 25, 2013
    I have a c180 57 reg coupe. I keep seeing w201 w204 on threads. How do I find out which one mine is?

    I’ve started hearing a rustling sound in my engine for a week now. Called a garage and they said it’s vanos or something that sounded like that and that it’s common with c180 so they don’t want to touch it. What is this and is it true?

    They went on to mention I needed a full STAR diagnosis. This I know is expensive. Any recommendations within the London South East area where I can get it done for cheaper?

    So many questions but I do really need your help
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    Look at the VIN for your car, it will be something like WDD203..., a 2007 C180 could be a late W203 or a very early W204.

    London South East, there's a well respected MB indie in Sidcup, I'm sure you'll get a few more recommendations from other members, look for an MB indie rather than a main dealer!
  3. markjay

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    Jun 24, 2008
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    The common faults with your M271 engine are split vacuum hose under the air filter box, which is a cheap part but time consuming to get to, or a failed timing chain which is a serious issue that can damage the engine. The former would sound more like a hiss, the later more like a mechanical rattle and rough/noisy engine running.

    So if it sounded like a mechanical rattle coming from the top or front of the engine and varying with engine revs, then I wouldn't risk starting the engine again.

    STAR diagnostic is great, but a good Mercedes specialist who knows these engines should be able to know what the issue is.
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