whining like noise on clk with 7G tronic

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Aug 22, 2006
just wondering maybe its me just being paranoid but i hear like a transmission whine when driving its sort of like a whislte that get higher pitched as speed builds up...image a jet engine at really low volume thats like the noise.

Its barley audible but i wondered if anyone could diagnose what it can be?...if it is an issue at all

The car is a 2006 CLK
Do you think this is what the problem is?

How much is this likely to be?
If you do it yourself then it is quite cheap.
I sell the oil and filters. (Febi)

If you go to an indie, again reasonable.

If you go to the Main agent then I would suspect it is pricey.

And it may be the case that on your gearbox you cannot drain the torque convertor. I changed the oil on my S Class but could only get out 3.5 ltrs of the old stuff out of a possible 8 'ish', so have changed it a couple of times and plan to do the same at the next service.

What really annoys me is that some dealers charge for replacing the whole lot , say 8.5 ltrs when in fact they have only replaced 3.5 at over £10 for the branded MB oil.
They seem to get away with it and it is straight forward theft / deception.

That's why I always do my own work or a reliable and trustworthy garage when I am too busy.

My car had progressed more than how you describe your problem and seemed incurable. Foolishly making the assumption that it had 'for life' gear oil, this was overlooked. Immediately following replacing some of the oil there was a fantastic improvement and another change saw the problem virtually wiped out.

I am not guaranteeing this will cure your problem but suggesting that this is where you should start assuming you have ruled out other possibles such as wheel bearings etc.
Getting a lot of front pump failures on this box at the moment, giving this noise, the bearing/bush wearing very quickly. Either that or it could be your A/C pulley.
What's the mileage on the car? ATF change now recommended at about 50k miles IIRC, not likely to be causing the sound you mention though ... IMO.

Are you sure it's speed-related rather than rising with engine rpm?
yes your correct its to do with rpm rather than speed.

Does that help any?

The car has done 90k miles but has a full dealer service history as you would expect as its still under warranty.
That's different !!
Not the gearbox then.

But still change it, prevention.............etc!
No, the pumps whine terribly on free rev as well as whilst driving.
I have a similar whine on an e350 - It is only at low revs though and I thought it was just a normal transmission sound associated with the 7g gearbox. The car has only done 18k and is under warranty.

I only bought the car 1 month ago is this noise not normal? I quite like it!
anyone had any more thoughts on this? I don't really want to take it all the way to my nearest dealer unless necessary.

The whine like noise is pretty apparent but doesn't affect performance or bring up any warnings on the dash. Is the same kind of noise you would get if you were accelerating in reverse if that makes sense?

Anyone else had this issue?
I would take it to the dealer anyway so the fault is on record even if not traced or resolved. May prove useful later should it worsen.
i would be careful if you change the oil and filter on this box yourself as the 7g tronic box has to be refilled via the sump plug and you need to get the correct gearbox temp to set the oil. the 7g box has had many faults since they were brought out and mercs have had several service measures on them would be worth taking it to a dealer to see if any are outstanding. as the car is a 2006 it should still be in warranty if it is a uk car
hmm thats intersting.

When i first got the car (about 2 weeks ago) the mechanic who done the service said i was very lucky as he noticed the car was leaking oil as the sump plug was not tight...could there be a lack of gearbox oil?
If its under warrenty - visit the dealer. 7G gearbox is £3,500 on W203 for just part.

Hi folks just thought id post the problem for future visitors....

Went to the dealer today the problem was a new pulley being required.

Thanks again.

Which pulley was it?


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