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Sep 27, 2007
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Sounds simple enough but there seems to be loads out there and different opinions as to how white they are. Can anyone advise on a brilliant white grout for bathroom (not the shower area itself) walls. The tiles have a 3mm gap apart from one area above the door where I will need to do 2 x 10mm vertical runs; each 300mm long. This will not be visible to anyone unless I point it out.

Any advice gratefully received

Try BAL , bit more expensive but worth it. Was recommended by my bathroom designer, it also has good anti fungal properties, same as the BAL mastic which I had to purchase after the plumbers cheap Screwfix mastic showed signs of changing colour.
It's a concern I have about BAL microban actually being white from the outset that prompted the thread!
Mine looks white and has stayed white but then there is white and white ! You need to find the white you want. I discovered when refitting both kitchen and 2 bathrooms that there are a large range of white colours , only you can decide on what looks right but from my experience cheaper grout ends up looking yellow after a couple of years.
Does it need to contain white Portland cement (rather than ordinary Portland cement)? - Probably fine silica sand as the aggregate too.
There are proprietary grout sealers available - I've not used them, but they may well keep the white white for longer.
apart from one area above the door where I will need to do 2 x 10mm vertical runs; each 300mm long

My OCD just hit a new level. :eek:

Sounds like the tiler didn't set out very well. :ban:
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The tiler is me and its only to save cutting 8 more tiles. As the ensuite is so poxy nobody can stand far enough back to look above the door frame and notice it (that's my theory any way).

Should not.need.HG stuff as I have good ventilation. SWMBO and I are good at wiping down the shower area too.

I want a bright white so does anyone have a specific brand they can recommend from experience?

Cheers Matt

P.S. Have Lithofin so will do a trail of sealant with offsets to see whether I will go down that route.
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If you don't want to use Bal then go for Larsson, best off trying a little bit then letting it dry.
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If you stick with a decent make like BAL or Norcros you should be ok
I've worked on upgrading both companies manufacturing plants
I would say BAL is a better made product tho
If you don't find one that is white enough, maybe you could go over it with a brilliant white tile paint?
Yoiu can paint on a grout sealer to stop discolouration .Did all my shower room after refit .But the white silicon sealant around the shower tray has not stood up to the time , just about to do it all the sealant again .
I only use mapei ultracolor grouts - very smooth finish compared to some and dries fast
Thanks for all the suggestions. Tiling will finish this weekend so I will need to chose soon. I will let you know how I proceed.

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