Who Built your AMG Engine?

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I had to email the AMG Private Lounge people as I couldn't figure out what the signature said... It's Jannick Franzmann, not seen his name mentioned anywhere yet
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Never even looked under the bonnet on the SLK 55 that we have bought. We are taking delivery from the MB dealer in Exeter next Thursday, but looking forwards to being able to post a name!
.. You do all realise that there's some apprentice over there in AMG land who is soley employed to make up signatures, have them printed onto plaques and sticks them onto your motors!! :eek::D:D:D
Collected our SLK 55 AMG today, took a look under the bonnet while it was in the showroom, engine made by Torsten Oelschlager
Got a good one there mate, BS builder too :)


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Philipp waibel built my 63 engine

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