Who owns a registration?

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May 7, 2014
Hi, still relatively new to this site, can anyone advise how you go about finding who owns a registration number? Would like to try buy but can't find any info.

If you mean to whom a registration mark is assigned , this information is not publicly available .

The police , insurers and bodies like car park operators can obtain this information if they can demonstrate good reason to require it - as can members of the public ( again you have to fill out a form showing good reason - such as you were hit by a certain vehicle , normally a police reference number is required along with the request ) and a payment has to be made for this service .

Unfortunately , you can't ask who a mark is assigned to just because you fancy buying it .

The marks are only assigned to vehicles and remain the property of DVLA ; they can be revoked for improper display etc .
You're welcome .

There are various privacy issues which would prevent such information being too readily available - examples such as

Thieves could spot an expensive car and look up the address it was registered to ...

If someone was involved in a 'road rage' incident , again an aggressive party could look up someone's address then visit to carry out an act of revenge ...

It could be a charter for stalkers , perverts and other undesirables ..
Yeah I agree, will just need to hope they come up for sale sometime soon.

Thanks again.
Once, someone wanted to buy a mark I had. The dealer would, of course, not reveal my details...though they did pass on a letter from the prospective purchaser.
As stated above , and if you read through the link , such requests can only be made under strictly defined circumstances .
I did read the link, I was just pointing out that if you really wanted to find out you could.
So , do you propose accusing an innocent third party of a crime in order to obtain their details ?

Because that's what you would have to do , and it could come back on you .
So , do you propose accusing an innocent third party of a crime in order to obtain their details ?
Where did I say that?

In any case, not all the examples of reasonable cases to request details are crime related, and they are just that, examples.

Hence - ‘Reasonable cause’ can include:
Not wishing to start a long running argument , but the 'reasonable causes' are quite limited and certainly do amount to needing to trace someone to recover losses -

From your link

Why you might make a request
‘Reasonable cause’ can include:

finding out who was responsible for an accident
tracing the owner of an abandoned vehicle
issuing parking tickets
tracing people responsible for driving off without paying for goods and services
tracing vehicle owners suspected of insurance fraud

In most cases , the police will be involved , and DVLA generally need a crime reference number before they will release such information . They are bound by the Data Protection Act .

As I stated at the beginning , this information is not , nor should it be , readily available to members of the public on a whim .

If you do choose to lie about why you want this information , it could amount to fraud , or see an innocent third party accused of something they didn't do and could even result in wasting police time if an investigation arose out of some invented ploy .

It really isn't a good idea to lie about such things .
Not wishing to start a long running argument , but the 'reasonable causes' are quite limited and certainly do amount to needing to trace someone to recover losses -

Hence - ‘Reasonable cause’ can include:

Do you know the extent of all reasonable causes? Please share.

I wasn't suggesting that the OP should lie, I was just stating that IF someone wanted to find out then they could.

There isn't a definitive list of reasonable causes - because one will always arise that no one has thought of , hence each case will always be judged on its merits .

However , I say again , you need to be able to demonstrate good reason for requiring the information : that will normally be that you have suffered a loss as a result of something involving a vehicle , or that said vehicle is in some way constituting a nuisance which is adversely impacting on you going about your life .

In all such cases it will involve some wrongdoing on the part of the owner/keeper/driver which has either resulted in your suffering a material loss or preventing your enjoying use of your own property - all of which could be actionable .

The people who deal with such requests aren't stupid and have probably heard every invented ploy before : hence a crime reference number is normally asked for , or you are directed to leave the trace to your insurer or the police .

No matter how much you might 'really want' somebody's details , unless you genuinely do have good reason , you can't just find out on a whim .

Organisations with access to the DVLA database and police officers with access via the PNC have been charged for misusing it for improper purposes .

The right to privacy is a very important issue , so I can't agree with suggestions that it can be circumnavigated on some sort of wheeze .
I imagine that you have already registered your interest with the agencies that deal in these things so you would be alerted if it ever came up for sale.

You could always place advertisements - perhaps in the motoring press.

Alternatively you could spend many years looking up people's driveways from the public highway.

I don't think the above are illegal, but they might well be unsuccessful.
You can't and they won't .

As someone who has had the police at his door ( many years ago ) over exactly this , I am not on a high horse .

I do think , however , that it is not a good idea to advise others on such an unwise course of action when the penalties ( outlined on the form : a criminal conviction and £5000 fine ) are severe .

Or are those who advise others to do this willing to pay the fine for someone daft enough to take their advice ?

Thought not .
I have to agree with the above post, I have tried in the past with the DVLA and have been unsuccessful. Not saying you couldnt, just my experience.

Out of interest, what is the registration mark that you seek? May even belong to a forum member!
As someone who has had the police at his door ( many years ago ) over exactly this , I am not on a high horse .

A couple of years ago, my father parked in a private car park, paid for his ticket and returned within the allotted time.

6 months later he received a fine for £120 for not paying for a ticket.

Fortunately he had submitted his ticket to the company he worked for as expenses, meaning that the company had kept the ticket and could provide the original to prove that he had paid.

His details we obtained this way and the only thing that turned up at his door was the fine.

The fine was canceled when he produced proof of payment.

I can only assume that the police were at your door for something unrelated and private to yourself.
No , I spotted a 'good' registration number on a car in a scrapyard . ( The number was two letters and a single digit - on a 1960's Mercedes ) .

Wondering if there might be some way of obtaining this number , I filled out the enquiry form stating that the car was 'abandoned' .

Instead of a reply from the DVLA , I ended up with the police at the door , wanting to know where the high value vehicle , to which the plate was now assigned , was . DVLA had contacted the registered keeper of the car to which the number was then assigned , and been told it was not missing or abandoned .

I told them the truth and that was the end of the matter , but it was explained to me that had I made up any other story , in particular accusing anyone of anything , I could have been in serious trouble .

So , I know first hand that it does not work to make up even what may seem like a harmless lie to obtain this information and that it can backfire on you .

As I stated , that arose out of exactly what is being discussed on this thread and I would not advise anyone to try it .

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